Nap Time, Write Time

It’s almost 2 pm on a Monday afternoon and I am sitting on my bed in the quiet, alone, drinking iced coffee. I must be dreaming.

I have a fiery, high-energy 16-month-year-old who is FINALLY passed out. I am exhausted after a long morning, and I just want veg out on Netflix and forget the world.

But instead, I work up the courage to get out my laptop and type. Without a little person tugging at my computer, I write.

I write for myself and I write for her.

Photo Credit: mamamusings via Compfight cc

I write because it’s what I was born to do.

I write because I want to show my daughter the importance of following your dreams.

I write because I don’t want to stutter when people ask the inevitable dreaded question,

“What do you do?”

“Uhhh, I am a stay at home… mom…. errr, freelance writer…something.”

I write because I am a mother and a wife, but I am also a writer. I need all three to be myself, and as I am realizing, they don’t have to conflict.

They can intertwine and feed off each other. In fact, they need to.

It’s not pressure or some formula answer or striving for perfection. It’s rest. When I actually put my heart into what I create, it’s rest.

It affects my mood, my day. My relationships with my husband and daughter are better. I am truly living.

But how do you throw yourself in your creative passion when you are busy being a new mother?

It is possible. Your heart grows, makes room for more. Sure, you may need to rearrange your schedule a bit, but the same goes for having more kids or starting a business or ministry.

You make room in your life for what fills up your heart, or you will walk around like a ghost of a human being.

And that is why I am starting this blog.

This is my journey of figuring out how to be a mom and pursue my creative passion at the same time.

My passion is writing.

Yours might be painting or reupholstering furniture or becoming the next Top Chef.

Whatever it is, despite the chaos of motherhood, there is room in your life for it.

Somehow, we can do it.

Somehow we can create during naps, breathe a little during bedtime, we can even invite our children into the world we create.

I know it’s possible, even though at times it doesn’t feel like it.

So let’s try, together.

Let’s do what we love, while not neglecting the ones we love.

And let’s never, ever, ever feel guilty or bad about taking the time to create.

All the while realizing our kids are the best damn thing we’ve ever made.

Peace & Creativity to you,

The Stay At Home Something


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