My Life as a Work-At-Home Mommy

This guest post is from my friend Bethany, mom of 2 adorable kids and fellow blogger. Check out her blog to see the latest and greatest kitchen gear, recipes, kitchen tips and more! 



6:15am, I open my eyes. Both sets of those big blue eyes are right in front of me. My daughter wants to know where we are going today. We are going to a dollar movie this morning, but before we go that blog post needs another read-through before publishing. Breakfast needs cooking, teeth need brushing and my son needs help getting dressed.

But I don’t need to look good, right?

It’s a huge blessing to be able to take the kids to a weekday movie, (or whatever we have planned on any given day) and still get to work on earning money from home.

In the past I have earned money by working outside the home. Dropping the kids off at a daycare or mother’s day out, fitting in as many massage clients as I can in those few short hours. Working all day Saturday while my husband and kids go to weekend get-togethers without me.

This work at home thing gives more freedom, but it’s new for all of us.

Balance, discipline, and focus. Have I mastered these traits? Hardly! I still end up on time-sucking social media and have gone a weekend without even looking at my site.

Do I sit and watch a show with my husband some nights instead of writing about the next small appliance? Absolutely! This is definitely a learning process and the above traits are something I need work on. God is helping me, and I want my children to see in me the drive to work, to learn, to focus on what interests them and make that their career. That drive can be invaluable!

So, when I have worked till 1:00am to finish a post I will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as I fall asleep. I will have a grateful heart when I wake to see those big eyes bright and ready for a new day. I will enjoy the time working next to my husband in the study after the kids have gone to bed while he gets ready for his next test. Even though we are busy, we can be busy together.

This is a new way of life for all of us. It is a great new life, giving way to more freedom and flexibility and hopefully, in time, a decent second income. Cheers to doing something that I enjoy from anywhere, getting out of debt, a REAL vacation, or a new (to us) car someday!

To all the other work at home moms, power on and love on those sweet babies as much as possible!


I am a Fort Worth, TX  work-at-home mom of two fun-loving and very busy kiddos. I am a wife to a loving, driven man that works full time while in school for his masters. I love kitchen gadgets, appliances, and great food and love sharing about them in my blog, The Kitchen Host.  In another life I practiced massage and still do for a few lucky clients!  -Bethany Chance

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