The Best Indoor Play-Place In Fort Worth

Texas natives know we have to enjoy the weather when we can: mainly March-June and September-November. When the days are too freezing or too sweltering, there are plenty of indoor things to keep the kids amused. Unfortunately, many of them are over-priced or involve constantly purchasing fries and ice cream.

There was another cheap play-place we went to, but they kind of went downhill. The toys were beat up and dirty and kids could easily run out the front door which is disconcerting when you have a lightening-bolt fast toddler. So I was super excited when I found out a new play-place was opening nearby. If you live anywhere near north Fort Worth, you need to check it out!


InnnerActive Playhouse

My husband and I came in with Aurelia and were immediately greeted by a friendly staff. The owners made sure to introduce themselves and explain how it works. We all took our shoes off (they sell cute slip-free socks for the kids, grown-ups have to wear their own) and went inside.

The Toddler Area

InnerActive Playhouse is so colorful and exciting! Kids ages 1-10 ran around happily, but it wasn’t super chaotic like some places. I like that they have a baby gate separating the entrance from the play area to discourage run-aways.

They have a separate area for kids under 2, which is great. It has a ball pit, tunnels, some of those fun rubber animals you can ride and more. Aurelia spent about half the time in there, and half the time in the “big kid” part.


There is a lot packed into the rest of the room! It is basically a giant playscape, reminiscent of the long-forgotten Discovery Zone. It’s “obstacle course” style with things to run through and climb, slides and more. There is a giant swing with ball seating that kids can push themselves and plastic push-cars for the younger kids.

There is also a separate room to eat your snacks (no food allowed in the play area which keeps it sanity) and they had complimentary donuts and coffee that day.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

One thing I appreciate: absolutely NO technology! There are no video games or screens to entertain the kids, or annoying tickets to win junkie prizes. They just get to use their imaginations and really play. Aurelia screamed for joy the entire time.

Another plus: tons of seating for the adults. I love the colorful swivel chairs and tall counters where we could sit and watch Aurelia play. And free Wifi. I am planning on coming back with my laptop so I can work while she plays.

Aurelia’s New Favorite Place

I am very impressed with the creativity, cleanliness, and customer service at InnerActive Playhouse. It is also pretty affordable, especially if you go during Toddler Time during the week. They also have party packages available. We will definitely be frequenting there this winter!


Make sure to like their Facebook page to get information about special events.

Peace & Creativity,

The Stay-at-Home Something


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