Best Instant Pot Black Beans

We go through a lot of black beans. (Tacos!!plus, easy finger food for the Baby Bear) And those little cans add up in price. Enter the instant pot. Not to be used for everything, (I am looking at you, people make cheesecake and ribs) but one of my favorite uses is how quick I can make dried beans.

Dump 1 pound dried black beans with 6 cups of water and 2 cups of chicken bone broth in your pot. Add a quarter of a diced onion, some minced garlic, a little olive oil, a bay leaf, and salt. Pressure cook for 40 minutes and quick release.

Easy, peasy. There is no need to rinse or soak them. You can buy bags of bulk beans for super cheap. At Aldi it’s 2 lbs for like $1.80. So I make a batch with half the bag at a time. When they are done, I drain about half of the liquid, let them cool, and put them in mason jars to freeze. Tastier and cheaper then canned.

Note: If you want to try making something not savory with these beans, like gluten-free brownies, that’s probably a bad idea. 😝Make a batch with just water and oil for that.


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